Riding The Smoke Trail 2014


The drift season hasn’t really kicked off with me this year as I’ve only been able to hit up 3 events so far. Real life money problems have been getting in the way of things. This time last year I think I had already attended something like 6-9 events already…needless to say my goal of traveling to as many drift events as possible seemed to be getting smaller and smaller at the end of the tunnel.

I have since gotten a “real job” in an office doing office things…yes I know, boring as hell. I have to pay the bills somehow though. At least I have my time with my camera in my hand shooting cars to think about every day as I sit at my desk and clack away at my keyboard.


Midwest Drift Union Round 1 was a blast as always. I was super pumped to be back at Gateway Motor Speedway with my drift family. I’ve always liked that track, especially near sunset on the last huge sweeper as it produces some of the sickest effects with the sun.


After MDU Round 1 I had Formula Drift Atlanta to look forward to. Honestly I couldn’t afford to go, but seeing as it is the closest FD event to me and one of my favorite tracks to go to I said screw it…I’m not missing this for anything. It was an adventure getting there as I was pulled over by three police officers for passing cars on a small mountain highway…in a passing zone. I’ve got a funny video of it that I may post at a later date. Road Atlanta has produced some of my favorite drift images to date and for some reason I have yet to hit the mark that I set last year for dope photos. Don’t get me wrong…I took some pretty awesome ones, but there’s just something about my first year at FD ATL.

I ended up missing MDU rounds 2, 3 and Hyperfest due to money issues. I was super bummed that I was sitting at home on the sidelines, but when life gets bad something has to give.


I’m fresh off of one of my favorite events of the year, No Star Bash, which never disappoints. I went up early to do a couple of shoots with Indy drivers. Got kicked out of a few places, turned by buddy’s street into an impromptu car meet, and got super drunk….all before NSB even started. I had originally planned to camp at the track with people, but a local driver and friend, Bill Cook, offered me his couch in his air-conditioned house. How could I pass that up?!

No Star Bash was way better than last year’s event, but I’m hoping to see improvements year after year. There were wrecks, tears, cheers, and pure awesomeness all under the same banner: Drifting for fun.


That’s why we were there. There were no rules to worry about, no competition to stress on, just get in your car and drive! And boy did the drivers deliver. There were some great tandems including huge 8+ car tandems by the end of the day. I found myself in the middle of the track not even knowing where the hell to point my camera it was so chaotic. Overall I was pleased with my work and I have yet to even go through all of my photos.

For the future I am looking forward to attending more Drift Indy events, the rest of the MDU season and probably a couple of US Drift events and one more FD event. We shall see where the wind takes me…and when the smoke clears all we’ll be left with is awesome memories of our adventure!

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Two New Videos From My Journey Of 2014

I had the pleasure of attending Midwest Drift Union Round 1 in St. Louis at the Gateway Motor Speedway. As always it was an adventure of awesomeness. I should have my writeup for Everything Drift done very soon. You can check out my photos here!

Not too long after MDU Round 1 I went to one of our local tracks in Ohio for a motorcycle track day. Mid-Ohio is by far one of my favorite tracks to shoot at and I plan on going up there as much as I can this year! Check out my photos here and the video below!

My next chapter will be at Road Atlanta for Formula Drift in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait!

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Journey of Drift 2013

2013 was the best season I have ever had in my life. Before this year I had maybe attended 3-5 events a year. This year I decided to take it to the next level as I plan on seriously pursuing automotive/motorsports photography and videography as a career. I attended 15 events in 8 states and had one hell of an adventure.

Until this year I never seriously took a crack at doing videos at events. I am pleased with what I had, but when I am juggling video with stills it doesn’t let me dedicate the time I really want to in each medium. I know people may be disappointed in the fact that they may not be featured in this video, but realize I was mainly doing stills at every event. In 2014 I will be officially working with primarily video and still doing some photos each event. This will allow me to decide if video is something I really want to go for officially as I continue my path to my dream for shooting for a big company doing what I love.

This is a compilation of my 2013 season (mostly). I did not take video at every event and I took minimal video at most events. MDU Detroit, No Star Bash and MDU Indy were the biggest video events for me so that’s why there are a lot of clips from those events. There is no footage from Drift Movement, but I decided to include their logo in the beginning since I attended a few of their events and took photos.

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2014 – The Beginning

It’s been a long time…Winter has consumed me although deep down inside every day I’ve been waiting for the weather to break, the sun to return, and for my feet to be back on the track. Finally here in March I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My summer schedule is filling up quick and I have still yet to map out the exact events I will be attending. Last year was a record breaker for me. 15 events in 8 states. I told myself to keep pushing no matter what the odds are. Funds have been almost nonexistant this winter after losing my day job, but I do have something lined up. I’ll sell everything I have in order to make this a successful season. Even though I’ve been successful and have shot for various people and sites I still end up in the red every year. Is it discouraging? Yes. Do I let it beat me down until I want to stop? Hell no. I love what I do and I will make it a career if it’s the last thing I do…period.


There have been some interesting developments in terms of what events I will be covering this year. Last year out of the 15 events most of them were Midwest Drift Union events with some grass roots stuff and a couple of Formula Drift events peppered in. MDU has announced their schedule and I have to say I was a little disappointed in it. Two new events that were 10 hours away from my home base kind of threw me for a loop. So I sat down and thought instead of shelling out the cash for 2 huge road trips that I would commit to doing another long distance FD event by air this year. I haven’t decided on the round yet, but I’m thinking Miami or Irwindale. The other interesting development is the expansion of US Drift. They’ve mostly kept to the east coast, but this year they will be taking over Streetlife Tour and doing an event on the FD Road Atlanta track. I see myself splitting my drift season almost equally between MDU, US Drift, and FD this year. I will also be out to all of the Drift Indy events as an official media staff member. My drift season is going to be rowdy people. Get ready for the awesomeness.


I will also be traveling with my new Assfault Junkie family to some WERA motorcycle races this year as well to document their season. So far this year I traveled to Jennings, FL with them for an awesome track weekend that I will never forget. I can’t wait to see what the season has in store for me on this side of things as well!


Interesting is not even a strong enough word when it comes to describing what my summer is going to be like. The adventure will be amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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2013 Drift Season at a Glance


Looking back at the beginning of this year I had set out to shoot as many events as possible. Now with 15 events under my belt in the 2013 season ranging from fun grass roots events like Drift Indy and Drift Movement all the way up to two Formula Drift Events I can look back on my adventure.


My main goal starting off the season was to attend as many events as possible no matter what. Up until this season I attended on average maybe 4-5events a year. With 15 events under my belt in 2013 I have gained so much experience along the way. With that experience came better photos which was also a goal. I went from mass posting up to 500 photos from each event with minimal editing to only posting around 100 photos that I make sure look amazing. I started to do this after I was inspired by people like Larry Chen and Alex Wong. Their work was about quality not quantity and that’s what I wanted to be known for.


Thanks to the crew at EverythingDrift.com I was able to attend my first Formula Drift event this year with media pass in hand. It was by far the coolest on track experience I have had. I made the trip down to Hotlanta and captured some of my favorite photos to this day. It was also the first time I got to shoot side by side some of the people I have been looking up to for the past few years. Overall it was an unreal experience that I was able to relive in Texas a few months later.


As always my home was with the Midwest Drift Union and Drift Indy. I was able to attend every event, but the season finale for MDU in Xenia. Because of this I was able to develop my friendships with fellow media bros, drivers, and MDU staff. I am so happy for the times that I was able to have with my friends this season on and off track. I would start listing names, but there are way too many. I can’t be more excited to see what next year brings with both MDU and Drift Indy.


On the side I traveled out to Hyperfest/US Drift round 2 which is the farthest east I have traveled for a drift event and made some appearances at Drift Movement up in Columbus. Next year I plan on doing some events with them again as well. And let’s not forget the Danger Zone!


Overall this season has been the best season I’ve ever had and it will be hard to top next year, but for some reason I feel like it’s going to happen. My goal next year is go work for a company that will allow me to travel to even more events including as many Formula Drift events that I can make it to. I still want to attend every MDU and Drift Indy event as well. I know I have some friends making the jump to FD this year and I’m sure I will be doing some work with them as well. On the media side of things I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to primarily video. I feel that I am much better at photography, but I know with time I will hone my video skills. There’s just something about telling the story of an event with a video that somehow strikes a chord with me. Photos and videos both depict very different aspects of the event and it will be hard to decide what direction I want to take next season. I guess we shall see what happens.


I’ve inspired myself with my amazing year and I’ve been inspired by countless other people that I’ve met this summer. The sky is the limit next year and I invite you to join me!

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Midwest Drift Union Streets of Detroit Video

It has been a long time coming! I’ve been super busy with life and I’ve finally been able to get around to editing this video. It’s by far the best video I’ve made to date and I hope to keep improving next season. Be on the lookout for my end of the season blog coming soon where I talk about my plans for next season!


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The Beginning of a Journey

I set out this summer with many different goals in photography. Shoot more than I’ve ever shot before, focus on my love of cars and drifting, start getting my name out there more, start shooting for a media outlet, and attend as many events as possible. These were also my goals last summer, but with the lack of a job and other things going on in life I did not obtain those goals. Now here I am early on in the summer and I’m already on my way to my most successful shooting season to date!


My year started off with No Star Bash in St. Louis which was the farthest I’ve ever traveled to a drift event. It was very successful and I was overall pleased with my work to an extent, but I was still rocking my old mindset of post as many photos as possible and not spend as much time editing them. I call it more of a photojournalistic approach. In the off season I had been looking at a lot of people’s work like Emotive Image, Joe Ayla, Larry Chen, and others. They kind of inspired me to stop spamming massive amounts of photos and go for quality. I went back and edited a few shots, but I still posted almost 400 photos in total.


No Star Bash was just a little teaser of what I was waiting for: the return of the Midwest Drift Union. A few weeks ago they kicked off their season with a tech day in my hometown at Zero Lift Autolab. The day was full of awesome friends, food, beer, and cars. I got some shooting done as well as some video. The next day was a practice day up at Kil-Kare raceway up in Xenia. It gave me a little taste of what to expect the next weekend in Indianapolis at Round 1.


Right after the tech day my buddy Edgar from MDU introduced me to George, the owner of EverythingDrift.com and wanted to see if I would like to cover the 2013 MDU season for them as well as any other events I may attend. Here we go, a big drift website right here in front of me wanting my services. Hell yes! One goal reached and the summer hasn’t even hit!


Round one of MDU was amazing as always. I knew it was going to be a good start to the weekend when I checked into the hotel and the manager gave me a cold beer. (Yes you read that right…) The competition was great and I got a lot of awesome shots. Again I ended up posting a lot of photos, just over 200. I tried to work on each one a bit more, but overall I was still in that photojournalistic mindset.


I made an impulse decision right after round 1 that I wanted to go to Formula Drift Atlanta. I’ve literally had 2 weekends straight of drifting and I wanted more. I told the guys over at EverythingDrift and they were able to secure me a media pass. My first FD event and I had a media pass…it was like a dream come true. I went into the weekend with only one thing in mind. Quality photos. I wanted to do the best work that I have ever done. Period. The drivers made my job a little easier seeing as they are some of the best in the world at what they do. I just did the rest to make them look all fancy and pretty. On top of work I got to meet a lot of awesome people that I hope to meet again in the near future at other FD events.


Walking away I had accomplished my goal of taking really amazing shots and I was even able to narrow down 2,000 shots down to only 100 that I posted. I’m on my way to overcoming my quantity over quality bug! I spent a long time on each photo making sure it looked exactly like I wanted and it paid off. I got over 10,000 views on EverythingDrift and even some of the drivers were commenting and sharing my work. It really makes me feel awesome when they get to see the photos and enjoy them!


The rest of the year I will be attending MDU events as well as some others and I plan on attending at least one more Formula Drift event if not more.

Here’s to my most successful year yet! I will not back down!

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